The Legacy by Elle Kennedy revisits the beloved characters of the Off Campus series with weddings, proposals, and life changes. It’s a nostalgic, must-read rollercoaster for fans!

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The Legacy by Elle Kennedy

The Legacy by Elle Kennedy

Off Campus #5
September 21, 2021

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  • Wedding fever
  • Life after college
  • Holiday romance

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Fans of Elle Kennedy and of the Off Campus series will not want to miss this treat. I loved seeing glimpses into the lives of some of my favorite characters in the new adult genre! Let’s just call this one the Off Campus wedding fever and I loved every bit of it. A must read for fans.

THE PACT – Logan and Grace’s story

These two are adorable together and they are dealing with the stress of being apart while they follow their own dreams. Figuring out how to make it work. Definitely some fun moments. The creepy doll making the rounds throughout the novellas was so much fun. I adored everything with Garrett and Logan. This is set around Christmas and New Year’s, with a snowbound trope and a wedding.

THE PROPOSAL – Dean and Allie’s story

Dean is the biggest charmer of this bunch! He’s ready to get married but Allie isn’t quite there yet, even though she knows she wants to be with Dean forever. I was probably a little bit annoyed with this story, even though I still liked it. I still fell for Dean all over again though.

THE HONEYMOON – Tucker and Sabrina’s story

These two!  I’ve always had a soft spot for Tucker. Maybe it was falling in love with him being a daddy when I read his book. I definitely appreciated this story because it shows a different side of him. He’s gone from hockey to entrepreneur. From single to a father. And that all comes also with changes in his relationship dynamics with Sabrina. I personally loved how the author brought us into their daily lives and real life problems. And of course, how they overcame.

THE LEGACY – Hannah and Garrett’s story

Speaking of being annoyed and a little disappointed, that’s where I fell with this story. I hate miscommunication and secrets when there’s no need for them. And honestly, at this point in any of their relationships it feels kind of pointless to hide things. Especially when they are big things. The one thing that I came out really loving though is the sense of friendship and family. Being there for each other in both the girls and guys side.

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