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“If Elle Kennedy writes it, I’ll read it and love it.  Her stories are addictive and THE CHASE was no exception.”
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I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to be back in this world.  The Off Campus series has always been my favorite new adult series and as long as we get more books, I’ll keep gobbling them up.  They never disappoint.

In THE CHASE, we are getting to know more a new set of characters that were in the background before, starting with Fitz and Dean’s sister, Summer.  Colin Fitzgerald is a delicious combination of hockey goodness and geeky sexiness.  Yes, he’s a great hockey player but his passion is in game design.  I really admired that he’s ambitious, already has a vision for what he wants to achieve in his career and is going for it.  That just added to his overall appeal for me.  The tats also helped, of course.

Summer is not my usual kind of heroine so I was surprised by how much I liked her.  I guess you can say she grew on me.  All that energy, much like Fitz thought, gets on my nerves.  But there was something endearing about her as we get to see there’s more to her.  She’s a genuinely nice person and I especially felt for her with how we see she struggles with her ADHD.

This is an opposites attract story and Summer couldn’t be more opposite to Fitz.  That’s also the reason why he doesn’t want to get involved.  She’s the center of attention everywhere she goes, he likes to go through unnoticed.  I admit he was pissing me off a bit because he kept fighting that attraction and making Summer feel like she wasn’t worth it.  Shame on you, delicious Fitzy.  But I forgave him in the end.

In a way, I feel this was a more laid back story than others in this series (you know what I mean, spin off, series, whatever).  While I think they are adorable together and have great chemistry, I don’t think they were as explosive together for me as some of the previous couples.  But I still really liked reading about them and getting to know more the other characters.  I also loved seeing cameos from some of my fave previous characters!  I can’t wait for more of that in the next one.

As of right now, I think there’s plans for 2 in this series.  But frankly, I hope that there’s many more.  While I’m itching for Brenna’s story (with Connelly, right?? Right???) there are many more I would be interested to see get a story.  From Hunter to Hollis, and even bitchy Nora!  Plus who are we teaming up with Brooks?  If you read and loved the Off Campus series, you need to read this spin off.  And if you haven’t read the Off Campus series, first you should totally go read it.  But you can start here without a problem.

It should come as no surprise by now.  If Elle Kennedy writes it, I’ll read it and love it.  Her stories are addictive and THE CHASE was no exception.  I didn’t want to put it down and I was sad when I finished it.  Now, to wait for more.

Favorite Quote:

Deep down, I’m a huge nerd. A nerd masquerading as a god.


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