Kissing Santa Claus by Jill Shalvis

This is Logan and Sandy’s story. In book two of the Lucky Harbor series, Tara’s ex-husband, Logan fights for his chance to get his wife back. Tara is in trouble because the man is a charming one – which makes him dangerous because although I was rooting for Ford and Tara to get together, it was hard to push Logan out of the way because he is so nice!

Finally, Logan has his own time to shine with this novella. He finds the girl of his dreams in Sandy Jansen and after their hot-as-hell fling five months ago, Logan made the big mistake of leaving Lucky Harbor. And Sandy.
So when he turns to Lucky Harbor, the small town welcomes him with open arms. Unfortunately for him, Sandy doesn’t.

It’s up to Logan to fight for what he wants. And boy, does the man know how to charm. He had me swooning a few times.

I thought this novella was very well paced and the only complaint I have is that I wished it was ten times longer than it was. Logan and Sandy deserve their own full-length book, but Shalvis did a fantastic job of incorporating heat and heart into his warming Christmas story.

I’ll be Home for Christmas by Hope Ramsay

Annie Roberts is expecting a dull Christmas. And Army sergeant Matt Jasper is thinking the same thing.
But it’s little kitty, Holly that seems to think that maybe these two could have a merry Christmas if they weren’t so alone…

Matt finds the small kitten in the Christmas display, crushing baby Jesus. Thinking that good fortune will be coming his way if she saves baby Jesus from this feline, he takes the small kitten inside a church, hoping to find its owner.

There he hears the voice of an angel. Or, rather Annie Roberts as she sings her favourite carols and the both of them hit it off.

This would be my first delve into Hope Ramsay’s books. I enjoyed the story but didn’t feel like the characters stood out for me. Matt was memorable and I really enjoyed the presence of his fallen brethren, Nick throughout the story. It was very heartfelt.

I liked how two lost souls found peace within each other. Very romantic.

O’ Little Town of Bramble by Katie Lane

Samantha Hendersen has returned to Bramble, Texas and stumbles upon Ethan Miller. While I haven’t read anything by Katie Lane before this, I found that I enjoyed her writing style. I could tell right off the bat that there was a solid friendship between the hero and heroine. They definitely had that vibe going on, but there was also undeniable attraction. The way Lane plays it out is very cute and interesting and I found myself becoming more intrigued by the characters as the story went on. I hope to read more of Katie Lane’s books in the future.

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  1. I am very interested in the Lucky Harbor books right now and in the mood for seasonal reads. This sounds like it fits the bill nicely. Good timing on this anthology’s review.