ROMANCEOPOLY Review: Sparkle Witch by Helen Harper

ROMANCEOPOLY Review: Sparkle Witch by Helen Harper
Sparkle Witch
Book Info

Released: December 4th 2017
Genre: Urban Fantasy

“This was a fun romp with minimum danger, but maximum fun.”
~ Under the Covers

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic series was one of my favourite new-to-me finds from 2018. However, I didn’t have time to finish all the books in the series; there was still this book left. So, when I landed on Kick Ass Lane for romanceopoly it gave me the perfect opportunity to pick the novella Sparkle Witch up.

I finished this at the beginning of March, so it was odd to read a Christmas novella with spring just around the corner, however, that didn’t stop me. No matter what the season it’s hard not to enjoy 60 pages of my favourite lazy witch’s shenanigans. This was a fun romp with minimum danger, but maximum fun, however, I wouldn’t recommend reading this unless you’ve read the rest of the series. And, if you haven’t read this series then you definitely need to start.

As far as I know this is the last book in the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic series, I don’t know if Helen Harper plans to release more. If it is then this was a cute full stop to this series, although I will miss Ivy, Winter and of course Brutus the foul mouthed familiar.


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  1. This was a fun series. Thank you for the recommendation. I hope this book gets released in paperback.

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