THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME is the second book in the Bridgerton series and this book has come to be one of my all-time favourite historical romances! Quinn is the queen of witty and snarky dialogue and she really goes above and beyond with this one. Anthony, the eldest son of the Bridgeton and Kate have amazing chemistry, even as they exchange snide remarks and the occasional elbow jabs and kicks. I just love it when they go toe to toe. That Pall Mall scene was hilarious!

What I loved about this book is the fact that in addition to the charming romance that develops between the hero and heroine, there is also so much character development within the hero and heroine respectively that it makes their romance that much stronger, their love that much deeper. Quinn notes that Anthony’s fear of dying similarly like his father at a young age is a common phobia of young men who have lost their fathers. It’s easy for readers to be impatient and argue to “Get over it already!” but it’s tough and takes time. Anthony fully acknowledges his fear and knows that it is silly, which is why he vows to never fall in love, but it is an entirely different matter to overcome that fear. And I think that Quinn does a great job of pacing his “recovery” out in a believable manner.

I also LOVED the storm scene where he comforts Kate and her phobia of storms. The fact that they are willing to comfort each other just makes me melt and it does a great job of strengthening their bond into something more than friendship.

I have to mention my girlcrush on Kate! I absolutely adored her character! It seemed like she fit right into the Bridegerton family with little effort. I adored her attitude and loyalty towards her sister, Edwina and found that even though she was a little jealous of Lord Bridgerton’s earlier attentions to her sister, she was never malicious or acted upon her jealously. Not only is she a great older sister, but she’s one of the few heroines I adore so much that I wish she were real so I could be her friend!

I LOVED this book and went straight into the Epilogue: Part Two which takes place fifteen years later where they engage in their annual tradition of Pall Mall. And let me tell you, I’m surprised a scuffle didn’t break out on the Bridgerton grounds that time. The Pall Mall scene is heated and hilarious, making me love Quinn all the more. As if that was even possible…

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  1. Also one of my favorite historical romances! The Pall Mall scenes(both in the book and the second epilogue) are some of the funniest I’ve ever read. Count me as another reader who has a girl crush on Kate!