Review: Seeing Stars by Megan Hart

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Review: Seeing Stars by Megan Hart
Seeing Stars
Book Info

Released: January 1, 2007
Genre: Erotic Romance, Sci Fi

This is another book that gets reissued. Previously released as “Anything You Want”, with a not so appealing cover then, “Seeing Stars” is a sci-fi romance set in the same world as a previous book I’ve read by Ms. Hart, Passion Model.

This short story is a great escape from your normal reading, it’s totally different. Humans and robots are part of our world. We have the Pleasurebots, which are human-looking robots created to pleasure men or women, and they come in all sorts of Models. The terminology in this book will have you laughing, everytime I saw the model names for the pleasurebots (COK, DIK, STUD) I had to laugh. And speaking of terminology, how about the lotion to rub on your body to enhance sexual pleasure called “Arous-All”? Loved it!

Then we still have humans who live in different worlds, and in this book one human woman, Milla, who comes from a very conservative and old fashioned world, is traveling aboard the Pleasure Princess ship to leave behind a life with her ex-husband who didn’t understand her, and go to the more liberal planets and start over. Except she has a problem, she’s never been able to come with someone else. So she decides to get herself a pleasurebot while on the ship, knowing this might be her last chance to experience it. But what she gets is Jarden, mostly human, but part “repaired parts”, which makes him a “mecho”, and mechos are the lowest class citizens. But he can show her pleasure and only he can give her anything she wants.

This book is really hot, funny at times, and a quick read to get your mind away from anything else. Definitely give it a try!

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