Having read everything that Julia Quinn has written I was very much looking forward to starting a series about the famous (or is it infamous?) Smythe-Smiths. If you have read any of her books you would have heard about the Smythe-Smith Musicale the most anticipated and by that I mean dreaded social event in the ton calander. Honoria Smith-Smythe plays the violin, terribly ofcourse in true Smythe-Smith tradition, in the quartet and she hopes that this will be her final year as she is desparate to get married and start a family of her own; however, what she doesn’t realize is that Lord Chatteris her older brothers best friend, has been looking out for her and scaring away all potential suitors as they all seem to him unsuitable. The more he sees of Honoria the more he comes to the realization that he may actually love her…

I managed to read this book in a day; I just couldn’t put it down. It was everything I have come to expect from a Julia Quinn book, funny, romantic and cute. As in most of her books the characters are funny and lighthearted, there is no real angst or darkness in this book so if you are looking for a broody read this isn’t for you. However, if you want a book that will have you smiling and laughing all the way through then I recommend that you pick this up.

Honoria was quirky and fun and I liked her immensley, she had a dry wit and I often found myself laughing at the things that she said or did. Marcus was also very sweet and quite adorabley shy! You could see from the start that they were perfect for eachother and it was great fun watching them finally come to that realization themselves.

This was a great read and anybody looking for a light hearted funny book should give this book a try.

Favourite Quote:

He rather hoped he was sleeping, because he was quite certain he’d seen a six-foot rabbit hopping through his bedchamber, and if that wasn’t a dream they were all in very big trouble. Although really, it wasn’t rabbit that was so dangerous as much as the giant carrot he was swinging about like a mace.

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  1. I’m a cover person and this one definitely caught my eye. I’m excited to hear it was so good it was a one day read. Thanks for your review.

  2. I also loved this cover, it looks so pretty and colorful!

    Great review Suz, gotta love the poor Smythe-Smith sisters! 😀