Husbands don’t grow on trees…but apparently they fall from them, especially when roaringingly drunk. This is something that Miss Ellie Lyndon finds out the hard way when Charles Wycombe, Earl of Billington, falls from an oak tree and straight on her toes, then not long after proceeds to make an offer of marriage. Although completely foxed Charles thinks the very prickly but lovely Miss Lyndon will make a perfect wife, especially as he only has a few weeks to find one before he loses his fortune, but even he is taken by surprise when she accepts his offer and the marriage takes place. But as time progresses, they find that this marriage of convienence could be much more then they ever expected.

I find it so hard to rate a Julia Quinn book, I believe I have, without fail, enjoyed every single one I’ve ever laid my hands on. I know exactly what I will find when I draw back the cover of one of her romances; a quirky lovable heroine; a charming and cheeky hero and dialogue that is bound to leave me with a massive smile on my face, as well a sweet love story that is pure and brilliant brain candy. These books are never going to change the world, but they are well written and whilst I am reading them I can’t put them down and I always enjoy it. So that leaves me with the problem, what shall I rate it?

I decided 3.5 feathers is best, Brighter than the Sun made me laugh and Charles and Ellie were so adorable together and their banter was witty and well written. But, will I remember this book in 6 months time and be desparate to reread it? Probably not. But don’t let this put you off, it is a great book, it is the marshmallow of the book world it is fun, fluffy, sweet and would go great with a barbeque on the beach!

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