Find out our thoughts about A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas, a historical romance it’s the Christmas romance to read if you are in a festive mood and fancy a sweet romance with a wallflower heroine

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A Wallflower Christmas
by Lisa Kleypas

Wallflowers #5
Released: October 14, 2008
225 Pages | ebook

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Lisa Kleypas has once again made me fall in love. The delicious Rafe. I wish there was more of you because I could read about you forever!

You may have guessed my obsession adoration of Rafe Bowman. I always love the rakes because their love is transformative. I felt so bad when Lillian revealed the story behind Rafe’s little solider toys. There is always something honourable about Lisa Kleypas’ characters, even though they don’t see it themselves. I loved all the characters in this book.

Lisa Kleypas kind of threw me for a loop in the beginning because I was expecting Lady Natalie and Rafe to end up together. So reading Hannah’s POV really opened my eyes and I realized, of course it’s not as simple as that.

I loved that we get to see the other Walllflowers. Each gets their own little updates and snippets of their time after their books. I loved reading each of their individual stories and then having them all together was great as well.

And of course, Kleypas’ writing always shines. Despite the shortness of this book, Kleypas still writes with the same passion and eloquence as her full-length novels, giving Rafe and Hannah a love story that’s perfect for raising spirits and filling hearts. Loved it!

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