If you’re after a fun, light-hearted read, grab Lady Avery and the False Butler by Sofi Laporte. It’s a charming historical rom-com full of wit and intrigue, perfect for fans of Julia Quinn who enjoy a good laugh without the steam.

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Lady Avery and the False Butler by Sofi Laporte

Lady Avery and the False Butler by Sofi Laporte

Merry Spinsters, Charming Rogues #3
October 17, 2023

Read this if you want:

  • Historical romantic comedy romp
  • Shenanigans with the butler
  • A heroine with a scandalous bucket list
  • A low steam book, there are no sex scenes
  • Twists and turns!

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I have been reading historical romance for a long time, and yet. AND YET. I don’t think I have read a single one where the butler was anything more than a secondary character. Have I been missing a whole genre of butler romances? Because I loved it and I want more.

This was a really fun read, a lovely historical romance romp around with a very charming heroine and a butler with a somewhat murky past. I would highly recommend reading this if you want something light hearted and lovely to read. Think a less polished Julia Quinn.

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