“KISS OF VENGEANCE was a slow burn seduction.”
~ Under the Covers

The second book in the True Immortality series picks up on a thread that we started in the first book and it explores the fae world.  An ancient vengeance that our hero who was originally a human warrior taken as a slave by the Fae Queen and turned into fae much as he despised them.  Forced to serve the Queen for a while until he managed to escape the fae world.  Now many years later he wants revenge against the Queen who took everything from him.  His freedom, his pride, his family, his people, and even his ability to die.  The key is a fae woman who knows nothing of the supernatural world except what he chooses to tell her.

KISS OF VENGEANCE was a slow burn seduction.  Fionn Mór was the high king of Ireland.  I loved how that strong alpha personality was always present.  A bit calculating as well.  His determination to see his plan through no matter what was fierce and one of the things I liked about his character.  Feelings didn’t get in the way.   Rose was still just discovering her powers and everything about this world she knew nothing about.  Legends and her role in them, while groups of people were hunting her down supposedly to kill her.  I liked seeing her strike that balance between strong willed female lead but still doing the right thing and not having a careless attitude about the threats they faced.

When it comes to the romance, these two had plenty of chemistry.  I admit the plot might’ve started off a bit slow for me, but the chemistry between these two was there from the start.  If you are looking for a steamy book, maybe this won’t be the one.  However, these two are an excellent couple.  Again, Ms. Young gives us a fated mates story that I can get behind!  I hate the insta love aspect of fated mates stories and I’m seeing it’s not the case in these books.  It’s a slow progression that just works.

Now for the paranormal elements.  I really wanted to see more of the fae world.  Maybe some flashbacks or more stories about what it was like.  That was one of the things I was most looking forward to in this book actually, and we didn’t really dig into that here.  But I still think the danger element of these books is done well and keeps the books interesting.  They seem to always involve our characters escaping from others who want to kill them.

I’m super excited for the next book in the series and to see what we are going to explore next.  I’m sure we got a hint of that at the end of this one and I hope we head in that direction.

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