Check out our review of Just Another Love Song by Kerry Winfrey it’s the contemporary romance to read if you are in the mood for a second chance romance.

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Just Another Love Song
by Kerry Winfrey

Released: August 2, 2022
334 Pages | ebook

read this book if you’re in the mood for
  • Dual time lines
  • Small town romance
  • Second chance romance

I really wanted to love this one. I’ve heard such amazing things about it from friends, but unfortunately it fell a little flat.

I’m absolute trash for the dual timelines, but I felt like things in the past timeline were rushed. I would’ve liked to have seen Sandy and Hank’s story as teenagers drawn out more than it was.

I also didn’t feel connected at all to Sandy, I think she could’ve left her hometown at any time. If she wanted out that badly, she would’ve done any and everything to make it happen. So her jealousy of Hank and him getting out and living his dreams was a bit exhausting to me.

The bright spot for me was Baileyville! I loved this cutesy little town. I come from a small town in Michigan, so it made me all warm and fuzzy thinking about what my life here is like.

in conclusion

All said, this is a 3.5 star read for me. I finished it, but I didn’t love it.

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