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“The chemistry is off the charts!”
~ Under the Covers

I started reading this series out of order (read book 3 back in January) and I really enjoyed the author’s writing style. I also loved the glimpse we got of the couple in this book so I knew I wanted to go back and read this.  I promise I don’t make a habit out of reading out of order!

HEATED RIVALRY is even more perfect than the other book I read.  There’s a sweetness the author managed to mix in with how steamy the relationship was between Shane and Ilya that was fascinating.  These two are not friends, they’re enemies on the field and in the media, and fuck buddies in private.  The chemistry is off the charts!

If you are a fan of sports romances you won’t want to miss this one. It reminded me a bit of HIM but without the strong friendship bond.  I loved how polar opposites Shane and Ilya are. They are both dealing with their own struggles and as they are still quite young, they are finding their place in their career and life in general. I certainly enjoyed how they complemented each other so well.  One scene in particular stood out to me because of how special it was. Ilya needs to unload some emotional stuff and Shane asks him to tell him everything that bothers him in Russian, even though he can’t understand him. It really struck me in the feels!

This book is steamy and sweet, funny and cute. It’s a great combo that will have you turning the pages, completely addicted and wanting to know what happens next. I can’t wait to see what this author releases next!



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