Good Half Gone by Tarryn Fisher delivers a compelling psychological thriller that isn’t too intense for more faint-hearted readers.

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Good Half Gone by Tarryn Fisher

Good Half Gone by Tarryn Fisher

March 19, 2024

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  • Missing person
  • Small town secrets
  • Amateur sleuth

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Good Half Gone by Tarryn Fisher is an engaging psychological thriller that explores the haunting effects of a sibling’s disappearance. The story unfolds with Iris Walsh, whose twin sister Piper was abducted in their teens. While everyone else has moved on, Iris remains haunted, convinced Piper’s disappearance wasn’t as it seemed.

Iris’s search to get to the bottom of her sister’s disappearance brings her to a shadowy psychiatric hospital on Shoal Island, uncovering deeper and darker mysteries than she ever anticipated.

This book strikes a balance, offering steady suspense that’s intriguing without being terrifying, making it perfect for those who shy away from darker thrillers. Although I found the twist somewhat predictable, perhaps due to my familiarity with thrillers, the path to uncovering it was filled with well-drawn characters and compelling drama. Overall, Good Half Gone delivers a mystery that keeps you engaged from start to finish and you can read in one sitting.

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