If you’re a fan of sweet historical romances filled with humor and lovable characters, then Earls Trip by Jenny Holiday is a delightful pick.

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Earls Trip by Jenny Holiday

Earls Trip by Jenny Holiday

April 23, 2024

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What happens on Earls Trip, stays on Earls Trip.

Earls Trip by Jenny Holiday kicks off a new Regency-era series, in this case with childhood friends turned lovers. The story follows Archie, Earl of Harcourt, and his childhood next-door neighbor and best friend, Clementine Morgan.

Each year, Archie and his best friends, Simon and Effie, take a much-anticipated trip together. This year’s plans, however, are thrown off course when it turns into a mission to save Clementine’s sister from a hasty elopement, turning their getaway into a group vacation.

As Archie and Clementine reconnect, they confront their past friendship and feelings as well as the different paths life has pushed them in. Archie, who became the family caretaker early on, and Clementine, fighting against her father’s marriage expectations. All set against the backdrop of found and real family reconnecting. Clementine and Archie letting their walls down not only with each other but their friends and sister. They’re so different, yet so much alike. Both oblivious to their feelings and lacking any sense of self-awareness.

I did find the sex scenes, while not many, to feel a bit odd and not flow with the scenes they were in as much. Which has not been the case when I’ve read this author before. Definitely this one is a light steam romance.

And then there’s the setting. I loved how the castle they had planned to stay at was not in the best shape and the staff was maybe ill prepared to handle them. It added to the informality of their situation and the shenanigans.

The next installment in the series was setup perfectly at the end. I can’t wait to read it because who wouldn’t want to have a hero who writes poetry. Plus he seems like a lot of fun!

Earl’s Trip by Jenny Holiday is perfect for a sunny day read. It’s a delightful mix of humor and heart.

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