What did we think of Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert? Read on and you’ll find out our thoughts, feelings and judgements about this erotic vampire romance.

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Book cover Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert

Court of the Vampire Queen
by Katee Robert

Released: September 6, 2022
429 Pages | audiobook

Available in Kindle Unlimited

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  • Vampires
  • Reverse Harem
  • Fated Mates

Mina is a half breed. Half vampire, half human and always under the father’s control. He’s now used her as a political pawn and gifted her to a dangerous vampire, Malachi Zion, to feed on and impregnate. The hope? That he will then get more power. Malachi is darkly seductive and with an edge, and she quickly starts falling in that web of lust and love. But there’s more to it than just him, and what started as the romance between the two of them turns into Mina’s three lovers. Along the way, she discovers things about herself, not only her sexuality, that she never could imagine and it can change their lives forever.


My first feeling when I started reading this book was that it gave me old school vampire romance vibes and that made my heart so happy. As you can imagine, I’m a sucker for a sexy vampire and have been most of my life. This had just enough plot and was mostly a character driven story. But make it super spicy. I think the fact that it’s written by Katee Robert and it’s a reverse harem should help you figure that out.

However, I also struggled a bit with finding the main characters memorable. This felt a bit like the kind of book that you read and enjoy while you’re reading but then when it was done, I couldn’t remember a ton. And part of that for me was the characters. They’re ok, they have great chemistry but they didn’t stand out in a sea of paranormal creatures. Even in comparison to some other books by Ms. Roberts that I’ve read.

This is also a standalone novel, so it’s perfect if you just want something quick and steamy that doesn’t leave you with any plot-holes or the need to pick up a whole series. Sometimes, that is also nice. Even though I’m a series reader at heart.

in conclusion

Court of the Vampire Queen is a playful and alluringly sexy vampire romance that hits just the spot when you’re looking for a quick and steamy read. Not many standalone paranormal romances out there so be sure to add this to your list. And if you’re nostalgic for that old school PNR vibe, then definitely give this a shot.

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Book cover Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert
Book cover Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert
Book cover Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert

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