“I loved how these two were able to slowly heal each other and I think their personalities really complemented well.”
~ Under the Covers

I always come back to this series because of the sweet small town feel and the family unit that is always present in these books.  CAROLINA DREAMING still delivered on that!

Gabe is an ex marine.  He got into a bit of trouble after his military career and ended up in jail for a while.  He also doesn’t have the best opinion of himself and always expects others to think the worst of him.  With no money he finds himself in Dare Island in search of his military buddy, Luke.  And what he finds there is not only the support of his long time friend and his family, but a sweet woman that needs his help and he can’t stop getting closer to.  Wanting to be better for.  That right there is my favorite thing about this book.  The way that this developing love and relationship was able to heal not only Gabe but Jane as well.

Jane is a bakery owner with a son and a troubled past in the way of an abusive ex husband who is currently in jail himself.  She’s always been attracted to the bad boys and in the past that wasn’t always the smart choice.  So she struggles with this new attraction to Gabe because she shouldn’t want his type anymore.  Until she gets to know Gabe and sees there’s a lot more to him than the fact he spent time in jail.  He’s not a bad boy at all, if anything he’s an incredibly good boy.

I really enjoyed this story, it was sweet which is something I look forward to in this series.  But it was also a little slow on the build up.  Which worked ok because they were both so tentative but I wish we would’ve had a better progression to that end point instead of jumping right in at the end.  I loved how these two were able to slowly heal each other and I think their personalities really complemented well.  I hope there’s more to come from this small town because I’ll continue reading them!




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