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“I don’t normally have a “thing” for billionaires, but Oliver King did it for me.  His personality was probably what did me in, and it’s because L.H. Cosway is soo good and writing the perfect hero.” ~ Under the Covers

You know the thing with highly anticipated books?  I’m always scared that they won’t live up to my expectations.  But somehow with L.H. Cosway I’ve learned to trust the fact that no matter what I think the story should be, what I’ll get is going to be awesome!

The story of King was one I was dying to read after seeing the devastation his life had become.    Oliver King is my new book boyfriend, that is all.  You all need to meet him.  I was blown away by how I gradually fell for the grungy man I knew he would become but when you first meet him in KING OF HEARTS he’s the most luscious, successful, witty, business man you’ll ever meet.  I don’t normally have a “thing” for billionaires, but Oliver King did it for me.  His personality was probably what did me in, and it’s because L.H. Cosway is soo good and writing the perfect hero.

As much as I loved the characters, because I also completely adored the heroine as I always do in her books, it was the story that kept me riveted.  The different stages of King’s life.  The successful man he was, him slowly falling for the quirky assistant.  Prepared to be wowed.  Then tragedy strikes.  And you see the reason why he became almost homeless and taking refuge in his sister’s traveling circus.  A drunk.  Unclean and unkept.  And then there’s his transformation back.  The man we are left with is amazing.  Everything he’s gone through has only made him stronger.  Even if he had to hit rock bottom first.

You will love KING OF HEARTS.  I can guarantee it!


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I was lost deep in the Facebook vortex when the distinct clearing of a male throat caused me to jump and drop my phone in fright. Glancing up, I found King standing in the doorway, arms crossed and a curious look on his face. He was back early. Of course he’d come back early.

“Enjoying your lunch?” he said, raising an eyebrow.

What was that sound, I hear you ask? Why, it was my heart plopping right out onto the floor and crawling away in mortification.

“I, eh, uh,” I tried to think of an excuse but drew a complete and total blank. Finally I went with, “You have a couch in your bathroom.” Yep, that gem was all mine.

“I do. And you’re in here, why?”

I let out an embarrassed laugh and hung my head in shame. There really was no excuse for this. It was like, when you see a giraffe walking by, you’re more than likely at the zoo. This was me taking liberties plain as day. Wincing, I decided to go with honesty and face the consequences. “I’m really sorry. I was looking around your office and saw that you had a couch in your bathroom and that your bathroom is swankier than any bathroom I’ve ever been in and I just couldn’t help myself.”

Oh God, somebody gag my verbal diarrhoea, please.

I stared at King. King stared at me. His expression was indecipherable until he shook his head and let out a gentle laugh. Then he surprised the shit out of me when he closed the door, stepped inside and dropped down beside me. He threw his arms up and rested his head in his hands, kicking his legs out.

“It is quite swanky in here,” he allowed.

A beat of silence elapsed before I had to ask, “Am I fired?”

King’s eyes slid to mine as he let out a long sigh. I thought he might be enjoying making me sweat before he finally answered, “Luckily for you, I’m in a decidedly good mood today, so no, you’re not fired. I’d appreciate it, though, if you let me know the next time you feel like eating lunch in my bathroom. I could have been in here taking a shower,” he grinned at me before putting on a face of mock horror. “Or God forbid, having a number two.”

He whispered the words ‘number two’ and I burst out laughing. I swear, it was the last thing I expected him to say. He was pretty funny when he wanted to be.

I swiped my fingers over my heart. “Okay, cross my heart, I’ll give you notice the next time. Number twos are not something I want to witness.”

He waggled his brow and leaned in a fraction closer, bumping my shoulder with his. “Ah, but you wouldn’t be adverse to a shower?”




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