ARC Review: The Perfect Ruin by Shanora Williams
The Perfect Ruin
Book Info

Released: July 27 2021
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 320

“…when it comes to twists, I think the end of this book delivers.”

~ Under the Covers

I was extremely excited to read this book because I’ve wanted to read Shanora Williams for a while now and when I saw she had a debut mystery, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll definitely still get back to her romances though.

THE PERFECT RUIN is about Ivy. Our protagonist hasn’t fully emotionally healed from a traumatic experience in her past. Therapy has helped, but revenge is still on her mind. So when her therapist produces the name of the person responsible, Ivy sets out to infiltrate her life and make her pay.

I wanted to connect with this book more than I ultimately did. In some ways, I felt for Ivy. But most of the time I just found the whole lot of characters in this book either unlikable or that I just didn’t care. Maybe pacing also had something to do with that. At times I was interested in the story and then it would lose some steam.

As a debut mystery, I think it’s a good offering and I can’t wait for Ms. Williams to write more in the genre and see what other stories she has in store for us. As a avid thriller reader, maybe I was hoping for something a bit different. But when it comes to twists, I think the end of this book delivers. Even if not in the pace that could’ve had the best impact. 

If you want a satisfying revenge story, check this one out.

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