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“Leave it to an awesome writer to do the story justice.  THE DEAL was my favorite read in quite some time, and definitely in my top 5 of 2015 so far!” ~ Under the Covers

Here’s my issue with some of the less angsty new adult, usually.  One of the characters usually makes me want to bash their skull in.  THE DEAL doesn’t suffer from this.  This is a smart new adult about two wonderful characters I quickly fell for and I can almost guarantee you will too!  As much as I’ve loved Elle Kennedy’s writing in the past, this was a new genre and I wasn’t too sure what to expect.  Leave it to an awesome writer to do the story justice.  THE DEAL was my favorite read in quite some time, and definitely in my top 5 of 2015 so far!

Garrett is a college hockey player, and to stay in the game he has to keep his grades at a certain level.  Which he can’t because he’s failing one of his subjects.  Hannah just happens to be acing it!  So he seeks her help in tutoring him.  At first she doesn’t want anything to do with the jock, she’s the artsy type and a singer and has this preconceived idea of what his type is like.  But then he finds the one thing she wants that he can help her with and they make …. THE DEAL. 😉

Garrett is the ideal book boyfriend material.  He’s got the looks, he’s got the muscles, the quick banter and the fun personality.  But he’s also caring and tender.   Supportive and possessive.  Let’s just say I quickly became a puddle at his feet.  And Hannah was a great heroine too.  She’s overcome so much and she’s pushing through her hang ups and issues just plowing ahead.  Facing her fears head on where someone else might’ve cowered.

Their relationship is nothing but fun.  I loved every second of it. Even though it’s not all roses and there are some tough and dramatic back stories, on both parts, Hannah and Garrett are so perfect together that it was a breeze to read every second of it.  I could’ve read more!  Why did it have to end?  But I can tell you this, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next installment!

*ARC provided by author



The second I walk into the room, six-foot-two and two hundred pounds of Garrett Graham block my path.

“Wellsy,” he says cheerfully. “You’re the last person I expected to see here tonight.”

As usual, his presence causes my guard to snap into place. “Yeah? Why’s that?”

He shrugs. “I didn’t think frat parties were your scene.”

“Well, you don’t know me, remember? Maybe I’m partying it up on Greek Row every night.”

“Liar. I would’ve seen you here before.”

He crosses his arms over his chest, a pose that causes his biceps to flex. I glimpse the bottom of a tattoo peeking out from his sleeve, but I can’t tell what it is, only that it’s black and looks intricate. Flames maybe?

“So, about this tutoring thing… I thought we should take a moment to set up a schedule.”

Aggravation shoots up my spine. “You don’t give up, do you?”


“Then you need to start, because I’m not tutoring you.” I’m distracted now. Justin has reentered the room, his long, lithe body moving through the crowd as he makes his way to the pool table. He’s halfway there when a pretty brunette intercepts him. To my dismay, he stops to talk to her.

“Come on, Wellsy, help a guy out,” Garrett begs.

Justin laughs at something the girl says. Same way he was laughing with me a minute ago. And when she touches his arm and leans in close, he doesn’t back away.

“Look, if you don’t want to commit to the whole semester, at least help me pass this midterm. I’ll owe you one.”

I’m no longer paying Garrett even a lick of attention. Justin leans in to whisper in the girl’s ear. She giggles, her cheeks turn a rosy shade of pink, and my heart plummets to the pit of my stomach.

I was so sure we’d been, I don’t know, connecting, but now he’s flirting with someone else?

“You’re not even listening to me,” Garrett accuses. “Who are you looking at, anyway?”

I tear my eyes off Justin and the brunette, but not fast enough.

Garrett grins when he notices where my gaze was. “Which one?” he demands.

“Which one what?”

He cocks his head at Justin, then shifts it five feet to the right, where I notice Jimmy talking to one of his frat brothers. “Paulson or Kohl—which one do you want to bone?”

“Bone?” He has my attention again. “Ugh. Who says stuff like that?”

“Fine, should I rephrase? Which one do you want to fuck or screw or drill or make love to, if that’s your thing.”

I set my jaw. This guy is such an asshole.

When I don’t answer, he answers for me. “Kohl,” he decides. “I saw you dancing with Paulson earlier and you definitely weren’t making googly eyes at him.”

I don’t confirm or deny it. Instead I take a step away. “Have a good night, Garrett.”

“I hate to break it to you, but it ain’t gonna happen, Wellsy. You’re not his type.”

Anger and embarrassment flood my belly. Wow. Had he really just said that?

“Thanks for the tip,” I say coolly. “Now if you’ll excuse me…”

He tries reaching for my arm but I bulldoze past him and leave him in my proverbial dust.

I do a quick search of the room for Allie, halting in my tracks when I spot her making out with Sean on the couch. I don’t want to interrupt them, so I spin on my heel and head toward the front  door instead.

My fingers are shaky as I text Allie to let her know I’m taking off. Garrett’s blunt assertion—you’re not his type—echoes in my mind like a depressing mantra.

Truth is, it’s exactly what I needed to hear. So what if Justin spoke to me in the hallway?

Obviously it meant nothing, because in the next breath he turned around and flirted with someone else. It’s time for me to face reality. It’s not going to happen with me and Justin, no matter how badly I want it to.

It was stupid of me to come here tonight.

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